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Sometimes I post art that I've already submitted to my dA. Or other times I will post art that I won't post to dA. I also reblog things that I did not draw.


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I saw Wicked. this is my favorite musical!

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Dani and Billy from Hocus Pocus. I love how Billy kept her safe within the salt circle :3

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still trying to figure out what designs I like best but here’s more sketches

these tears are real

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squidub said: HUSH<3 the colours are perfect and everything about this portrays serenity and calmness ;w;

Thank you so much ;w; 

Will I ever stop drawing Saphira? Naw son
I wanted to add some nice light orange or pink for lighting but the only orange and pink markers I have will make your eyes bleed
Time to stock up on markers for the future


Referenced from some of my dad’s photography. Happy father’s day!!


warm-up/experimenting, fashion shoot used for reference.


Winter Soldier Scott & Stiles! Will be posting more con sketches & pics on twitter & instagram!!

WIP of a CERTAIN dragon who i love <333

Note to self: make the clouds bigger and make that orange in the background brighter

and I plan on adding scales c:

okay so this isn’t exactly new at all

i just realized I need to start posting more on here like what

this was a lighting and mood practice c: and practice with colors

I think the colors are too bright now, oh well c:


I needed to get this out of the system. Only a couple of days till BoO and I can’t believe it’s almost over… 
This was an old drawing I never thought would find its way out of my folders again, but I decided to finish it.

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